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Should i sealcoat my driveway myself or hire a professional asphalt contractor?

You can sealcoat your driveway yourself, but for the best value and quality you should hire a professional asphalt contractor. Why hire a professional? Read on to learn the top reasons why. A professional asphalt contractor:

  • will use quality products
  • will not thin the sealer
  • will clean the surface of the asphalt properly
  • will properly patch the holes and cracks
  • will know when the temperature is ideal for sealer or asphalt application
  • will evenly spread or spray sealer to eliminate puddling — for best results, use a spray application

Is it better to use a squeegee, broom, or spray to apply sealer?

Squeegee applies only a very thin layer of sealer to the surface of your driveway. If your driveway is rough, a squeegee will apply your sealer very unevenly.

A broom is the second-best choice because it leaves the sealer on thicker than a squeegee but still it will cause your sealer to puddle.

A sprayed application is the best way to seal your driveway because it leaves an evenly thick coat of seal to your driveway's surface, without issues of puddling or uneven application.

When can I tell if my sealcoated driveway is safe to drive or walk on?

After the sealer and hot rubber are applied, take a rag or cotton swab and rub or touch the surface. If there is no sealer on the rag or swab; your driveway is safe to walk or drive on. Also you may use a toothpick on the hot rubber that has been applied in the crack to ensure your cracks are dry as well.

How soon after my asphalt driveway is installed can sealer be applied?

Most asphalt driveways take a good 6 months of curing time before a sealer can be applied. Take some water and spray your asphalt. If the water beads up than your driveway is not ready to be seal coated. Sand and dirt will cause your water to bead up also, so make sure your driveway's surface is cleaned properly before testing it with the water.

How long does asphalt pavement last?

Asphalt pavement should last 20 to 30 years. Asphalt life can vary depending on base conditions, traffic and maintenance. As talked about earlier the best maintanance for your asphalt would be a sealer and if any cracks, hot rubber crack filler.

What is the standard thickness for asphalt pavement?

The standard thickness for an asphalt driveway is 1.5 inches of base and 1.5 inches of top. The standard thickness for a parking lot or road is 2 inches of base and 2 inches of top.

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